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Upcoming Events

The Youth at Riverbend United Church are preparing a pancake dinner on Tuesday, February 13th at 6:00 p.m.

Cooking starts at 4:30 p.m., and eating at 6:00 p.m.

Following the dinner we will participate in the Ash Wednesday service that begins at 7:00 p.m.

Recent Youth events have included an AFFIRM movie night on February 3rd as well as a  “Make-a-Movie” night on February 10th.  Keep checking to find out about other upcoming events.










Retreat 2017 and Annual Recap


We had a full year in 2017, including a musical based on Samson and Delilah that featured rap, a keytar solo and so much more, volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house, hiking at Elk Island National Park, hosting a Halloween dance and much more. Here’s a link to our year in review and below is a more detailed reflection on our December 1st to 3rd youth retreat at Hastings Lake Bible Camp.  The new January to June 2018 schedule will be coming soon!

Retreat 2k17

Our theme for this year’s Youth Retreat was “Stranded”. It was set up with the idea that we were all going to go on a vacation but, along the way, the plane crashed on a deserted island. Theme sessions involved creating a flag, identifying values, creating a creed and national anthem, inventing our own games, practicing our survival skills, creating our own entertainment, planning outreach tasks and our youth future. We focused on disconnecting from technology, did not watch a movie and tried to avoid our cellphones in addition to spending a lot of time outside. Our focus was on connection, with ourselves, each other, and nature. When we were not in our theme or discussion time, we played games outside, played cards or board games together, ate too much food and all pitched in on cleaning up. Below is a list of things we learned, some within context, some without, and some photos of the group!

  • We could survive without our phones (as Luke had too when he couldn’t find his for sometime)
  • You would pack differently for a resort than a deserted island
  • The Bible has both excellent and questionable wisdom (something Luke took away from reading parts of Ecclesiastes and Leviticus)
  • Working together is essential
  • Everybody loves milk
  • Couches can steal phones (check the couch first)
  • Joel hates to wear his own shoes (he would always steal whatever shoes he could slip on instead of his own)
  • December is a hard time for University students
  • Your own jokes are always more likely to make you laugh
  • Making an outdoor fire in the winter without dry supplies is hard, but everyone can build a pretty good shelter (part of our survival outdoor challenges)
  • Markers are hard to color in with (something we learned in our flag making session)
  • We’re pretty good at creating games! (Stick snakes is a stellar game that we made up in a theme session)
  • National anthems are essential for unity, and fun to write (part of a theme time on creating culture)
  • Teamwork makes cleanup easy
  • Canadian reverse charades is a fun but very difficult game
  • We understand why elementary schools got rid of tetherball (it’s painful!)
  • Slides are fast in the winter time
  • If you want everyone to sing along, play something from More Voices





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