Poinsettia orders


This past Christmas, Riverbend United Church adorned our sanctuary with beautiful poinsettias from a local greenhouse.  Thank you to everyone who ordered a poinsettia in honour or in memory of someone special:

Poinsettia given by: In honour or in memory of:
Mike & Gail Zilinski Joe Zilinski & Leo Iwaskow
Brent & Audrey Skinner Willene Skinner
Charles Hitschfeld Harvey Ross & sibling
Lorelli Barbutza Pearle & Marlow Halvarson
Lorelli Barbutza Victor Barbutza
Jacqueline Pambrun-Hunt Ronald Jean Pambrun
Jim & Lynne Wolford
Terry S. Hunt William (Bill) Hunt
Doug McEwen Heither (Reid) McEwen
David & Margo Gaine Eula Stacy Gaine & Florence Castelani
Linda Schofield Carol Turner
Linda Schofield Heather (Reid) McEwen
Bud Hughes & Mary Olley Berneda Bergum
Orest & Gail Windjack Friends lost this past summer
Frank Graves & family Marion Graves
Frank Graves & family Jim Graves
Brent & Audrey Skinner George Skinner
Brent & Audrey Skinner Dorothea Meek
Brent & Audrey Skinner Alan Meek
Marlene & Ron Ramsey Lionel Ramsey
The Morley family Murial Morley; Don Moore
Hester & Glenn  Campbell
Irene Banks Ronald Banks
Glenda & Peter McLaren
Diane & Ray Hawrelak Jim Graves
Carolyn Miller James & Maud Keating
Judi Cook Vera, John & Terry Cook
Doug & Jill Spaner Fraser Spaner
Leslie Berezowsky Nora & Yvonne